About Us

The only natural sheep & goatskin tannery in the United States is based in Vermont.

We are Sarah and Rick Scully of Tunbridge, Vermont.

A few years ago we started raising a flock of rare-breed sheep on our small homestead. When we took our first batch of lambs to market we wanted to have the sheepskins tanned. But when we got them back, Sarah immediately noticed a strong chemical smell, and developed an allergic reaction from handling them. When we tried to sell the sheepskins at local markets, our customers complained about the strong odor as well.

After doing some research we learned that the industrial methods for tanning sheepskins typically include on the use of carcinogenic chemicals including chrome, perchloroethylene, or formaldehyde. We wanted to provide an alternative for U.S. producers.

So, we have founded our own facility, tanning sheep and goat skins using a safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible method. We learned this craft from the master tanner who has spent 20+ years developing the process, and are the first (and currently, only) producer of this type in the U.S.

Thank you for your interest in our project. We look forward to working with you.