FAQ for customers

We suggest a weekly brushing of your sheepskin to remove dirt and fluff up the wool. Spot cleaning with mild shampoo is fine for minor spills, and if necessary you can wash skins on the gentle cycle in a washing machine, or hand-wash in a bathtub. Refer to the product care page for more information.

All of our skins are sourced from local farms and butchers throughout New England and New York. We pride ourselves not only on the natural process used in tanning but also in sourcing ethically and responsibly from the meat industry. Skins that would otherwise be used for chemical fertilizer or put into the landfill are diverted and converted into luxury goods for your home or studio.

We use the US Postal Service for the best pricing. Options for faster delivery time, or more economical cost, will depend on your location. Use the shipping calculator at checkout to view options in detail.

Local customers can select Store Pickup to save shipping costs.

We ship within 48 hours of your order, and will email your tracking number. Delivery time will depend on the shipping option you choose at checkout.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, feel free to exchange it within 30 days in like-new condition for store credit. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Contact us directly using the online form, or call us at the shop at 802-728-4433.

Custom Tanning

FAQ for Producers

We can accept any number of skins. Each is tracked individually through the production process so you can be sure you’re getting back the skins you send.

Most shepherds will harvest their sheep in the fall, and we recommend setting a date before December to avoid molt and the felting that can happen as a result. Our shepherd’s calendar has more information on planning your year in sheep production.

Our pricing is on a sliding scale depending on size, age, breed, and wool length. The 2018-2019 cost guide is effective starting July of 2018, and Alpaca hides start at $500.

Larger farms that want to send a minimum of 60 skins per year can qualify for bulk discounts. Please contact us so we can discuss how we might work together.

Turnaround times vary throughout the year, as sheep production is seasonal. See our article for more detail.

The specific detail of the process is propriety information, however we can say that it has been certified organic in the UK, where it was first developed. The primary ingredient is a plant-based tannin that is estate grown specifically for the purpose. We use phosphate-free soap for washing. The other inputs are used in food production.

In a word: luxurious! We produce finished skins with a soft, shiny wool or hair coat and a supple suede back. The color of the finished leather is a warm tan or peach tone from the color of the tannin. The natural process of veg-tanning does draw the sinuous tissue of the skin tighter than in industrial chemical processes, so the leather has a denser feel to it (chemical processes create a more elastic or chewy leather). Naturally tanned sheep and goat skins will soften and drape more with use.

Yes, although we don’t recommend frequent washing (how often do you wash your leather bag or jacket?). You can wash skins on the gentle cycle in a washing machine, or hand-wash in a bathtub. Refer to the product care page for more information.

Our process was developed and optimized for hair-on tanning of sheep and goat skins. We can also tan alpaca hides using the same method. Due to size limitations and hunting laws we do not tan cattle or wild animals.

Pergamena tannery in upstate New York specializes in veg-tanning of leather from cow, deer, goat and sheep, and may be able to assist with your custom leather needs.


We offer luxurious, naturally-tanned sheep, goat, alpaca skins from local farms for sale in our online store as well as at our shop in Randolph, Vermont.

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Custom Tanning

We provide custom tanning to sheep and goat farmers from both near and far. Let us process your environmentally-friendly skins to provide your friends, family, and customers the best possible product.

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