Tanning services are on hold.

UPDATE: March 9, 2020

Due to the amount of interest in tanning services, we are placing a temporary hold on intake of new orders while we process those received to date, or previously scheduled.

Please check back in mid-April of 2020 for a status update.

If you are planning to send your skins for tanning services (at our facility or another). Make sure your skins were harvested in fall of 2019 or later, and are in good condition and free of a lot of debris, felting, bugs.

Follow instructions for preserving your skins with salt (do not freeze them). Make sure skins are fully cured using this process before you shop or drop them off.

The business is still for sale and we do not want to accumulate a large backlog during this transition period. As the sales process moves ahead we may continue to take skins on a limited basis, depending on the timing of the transaction and transfer process.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

~ Sarah Scully

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