Custom Tanning

Custom tanning for domestic sheep, goat, and alpaca hides is now available.

We are proud to offer a truly natural tanning service. There is no minimum or maximum batch size. Turnaround times will vary throughout the year and our busiest season is in late fall through early spring, from November – April.

We accept domesticated sheep, goat, and alpaca skins only. We do not accept wild or game animals due to hunting restrictions. For health and safety, please ensure that the animal was healthy at the time of slaughter, as skins from sick animals can spread disease.  We strongly recommend early fall slaughter to avoid molt (particularly for sheep).

About Our Process

Our process is certified organic in the UK,
and uses tannin from a sustainable plant source.

New Customer?

We're accepting new clients. Please read and follow
the instructions below to ensure the best results.

For processing please follow these guidelines:

  • Thoroughly cure skins before shipping. Complete instructions are available on our site and as a PDFWe cannot be held responsible for skins that are shipped uncured or improperly cured as these will rot and degrade before they can be tanned.
  • Check all skins for molt, butcher cuts, vermin damage, insect infestation, rot, staining, and metal contamination, and excessive “field trash” (burdock, briars, excessive hay, and other plant material stuck in the wool will cause felting during tanning) before shipping.
  • All tanning is done at the owner’s risk. For our protection we reserve the right to document and dispose of any skin that appears to be infected, rotten, infested, or that felts when washed. Natural tanning is a very labor-intensive process. Skins that for you would be unsalable are not worth our time to process.
  • Include a Customer Information Sheet with every order. Download the form (right-click or control-click and choose “Save Link As” or “Download Linked File As” to save to you computer), type in your information, then print and sign it.
  • Place the customer information sheet in a plastic bag to protect it during shipping. Label each package with your complete name and return mailing address. If you are shipping multiple packages in a batch, label each clearly (for example: Smith 1 of 4, Smith 2 of 4, etc.).

Mailing Address

Vermont Natural Sheepskins
12 Prince Street, Suite 2C
Randolph, VT 05060

If you would prefer to drop off your skins at our facility, contact us to schedule an appointment.


Our prices reflect the amount of time in tannin and physical labor required to finish each skin.

Beginning September 2016 our prices have been updated. The 2016-2017 cost guide [PDF] gives an overview of our charges for sheep and goat skins. Alpaca hides start at $350.