Fun at the Vermont Renaissance Faire

VTRenFaire_SarahRenFaire_RickThis past weekend was the Vermont Renaissance Faire, held in Stowe, VT. It was the first time a Renaissance-themed festival had been offered in the state since 2008, and the first that we had ever attended, either as participants or vendors.

Fortunately we were able to pull together some circa-1580’s costumes without too much trouble, and I think they turned out well. They were surprisingly comfortable. We also dressed up our tent to give it a less modern feel, using these plans.

The weekend was quite hot, but we were thankful there was no rain. Attendees didn’t seem to mind a bit and the crowds were steady, with good reason – there was plenty to see and do.RenFaire_Knights

From jousting and hand-to-hand combat (which Rick caught on video), to singers, actors, Viking encampments, face painters, massage, even a Unicorn, there were diversions for all ages and tastes. And speaking of tastes, there was also tasty food, including delicious kettle corn (Columbus brought that back to Europe in 1492, right?), awesome kebabs and wonderful local beer, to name a few delights we sampled.

We had a lovely time and look forward to the next event, which will be an indoor winter market in February. Keep an eye on our events page or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for details.